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CSS 3 Experiments: CSS3 Flipping poems, responsive

This is the fourth site in a series where I have been playing around with CSS3… Just playing around as I assemble sites using HTML5 elements and CSS3 effects that I have not used that often. I first created a Parallax site using my mom’s poems as my starting point of inspiration. I have continued with […]

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Some Cool dev Tools and web Finds to Keep You CodeHappy :)!

I have been meaning to share a few tools that I use for my web development process. I’ve been testing out Brackets IO, but it still sorta misbehaves with SASS. It’s a tad slower, but it has some nifty features right out the the box that typically you have to add to SublimeText2 in via […]

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PSD to HTML, the art of the CSS reset and Gladwell’s 10,000 hours to mastery

This month I had the privilege to attend Zoe Rooney’s GDI PSD to HTML workshop. Lots of really good changes in my professional life right now, one of them being a new job in the city of Brotherly Love. I have been wrapping my head around Object Oriented CSS (here is  agreat intro from Smashing […]

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Aspect Ratio in Responsive Design – Width and Height Challenges in Adapting a Fixed-Width Layout

This is the third of a series of blog posts in which I have tried to journal my steps and processes in converting some older fixed-width sites to responsive layouts. Responsive version of Guide to PA Elections: demos/responsive/election/ Older fixed width site of Guide to PA Elections:   If you are reading this […]

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Get ‘RESPONSIVE’ In a Few Short CSS Codechanges: Give It A Try!

This is a followup to my previous post Learning how to be Responsible & Responsive is Fun!. With this quick ‘Site Makeover’ I wanted to demonstrate that in a few worthwhile hours of your time, you can take   older, non-responsive sites and make them easily accessible to  modern viewports. BEFORE and AFTER (Visit the […]

CSS HTML HTML5 Responsive Design Technology Issue

Learning how to be Responsible & Responsive is Fun!

With the rise of both very large mega desktop screens and smaller portable devices, we as developers have a RESPONSIBILITY to serve up sites that display properly no matter what the device or context. With that in mind, I recently started diving into responsive web design. (Visit my Responsive VetClinic Demo site here)  Initially I […]

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