Cassandra King ~ Philadelphia, PA

“I work and play well with others!”

Email: cassandra.ramirez.king(at)gmail.com
Find me on LinkedIn (see my recommendations) | @ca55king
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My story:I pursue my coding life in much the same way I tackle my bike racing life: “You have to be willing to put it all on the line for the win!” full  version of my story explains a bit about how I journeyed to this point in my career.


  • Familiar with HAML
  • SASS CSS Preprocessors
  • Front End Dev/ .NET
  • Front End Dev / Ruby on Rails
  • Front End Dev/Wordpress
  • Familiar with Agile/Scrum
  • WordPress, Sitecore, Drupal
  • JQuery, Working Knowledge
  • Command Line Tools


  • Responsive Design
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Standards Compliant
  • Cross-browser Compatible
  • Fluid Pages
  • 508 Accessibility


  • Photoshop
  • Virtual Box
  • SVN/Git
  • FTP
  • Jira/Confluence
  • Acrobat
  • Sublime Text2
  • Mac OSX/Windows 7+
  • MS Office

Current Collaborations and Fun Projects:

Web Developer
Tamman Technologies Philadelphia, PA
Business Impact:

  • Front-end development, Jquery, Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS3

Front-end Developer
Weblinc E-Commerce Philadelphia, PA
Business Impact:

  • Served on the .NET team responsible for a fast-paced, high-pressure successful site launch for our client Soundviewpro. I contributed CSS, pixel-perfect code for virtually every view and template of the site. The client hit their go-live target date and has received positive feedback from customers.
  • Served on the team responsible for updating the home page for Thomas Scientific. I delivered pixel-perfect code within estimates. The client, thrilled with the results and quick turnaround, signed a contract to launch a brand new section targeting laboratory managers. During this time I also worked on front-end development for Unique Photo(responsive site), Becker’s School Suppliesas part of agile team.
  • Implemented beta version of SASS/CSS preprocessing for .NET projects using Squishit SASS
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