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PSD to HTML, the art of the CSS reset and Gladwell’s 10,000 hours to mastery

This month I had the privilege to attend Zoe Rooney’s GDI PSD to HTML workshop. Lots of really good changes in my professional life right now, one of them being a new job in the city of Brotherly Love. I have been wrapping my head around Object Oriented CSS (here is  agreat intro from Smashing […]

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At Times, I’ve felt like a Footnote. Now, I’m officially One!

I’ve been Rickrolled AND I’ve now been footnoted! I am feeling a mixture of pride, amusement and  a tad of resentment [ 🙂 ]. I am NO footnote! I’m the full text! You can download your own copy of Top 10 Law School Home Pages of 2010, an insightful followup to the 2009 report, both […]

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It Really *IS* All About Me, Mine and Me

Flipping through the latest issue of Time magazine (March 30, 2009), I stopped at a page that read in a nice, thick, satisfying, sans-serify font: ‘mine. My Magazine. My Way.” I took the path offered to and signed up to receive what was being promised as a “publication made just for (me)”.  Clicking through […]

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Great Typography May Not Win You The Election

I’m not alone in noting that Barack Obama’s campaign is showing one of the most sophisticated uses of typography during an election year in recent memory. Consistency in the elegant use of the Gotham typeface and the distinctive graphical elements that carry through from print to web to television are a graphic designer’s dream come […]

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One Laptop Per Child Project Continues to Inspire

This project that offers laptops, the XO, to the underdeveloped countries of the world is truly astounding on both a humanitarian and a technological level. A surprisingly well-written and insightful review by a 12-year old appeared in August of this year. How It CONNECTS This box connects wirelessly to the ‘net and other XO users […]

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