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.NET CSS Ruby SASS Visual Studio

Alternative SASS Solutions for NET, The Good and the Bad

SASS: Native Ruby + SASS Good: Fastest server compilation Good: Able to use latest versions of SASS, including all relevant options via flags to the sass and scss command-line executables Bad: Setup time is more intensive than with a pre-built extension or plugin for VS Bad: Every front end dev workstation needs ruby setting up Bad: More difficult for […]

.NET CSS SASS Visual Studio

Integrating SASS into .NET using NuGet and Squishit SASS

NuGet is the package manager (extension) for the Microsoft development platform including .NET that makes it easy to install and update third-party libraries and tools in Visual Studio. it makes managing dependencies in your application a lot simpler.   Nu Get Installation Go to Visual Studio 2010 Menu –> Tools Select Extension Manager […]

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