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MegaUpload’s Demise: Can Higher Ed Still Trust the Cloud?

Many higher education institutions have come to rely on cloud services for everyday tasks. Personally, I use Dropbox almost daily to exchange files with my cross-campus colleagues; less frequently, I’ve also used Yousendit. However, with the recent demise of Megaupload, and the subsequent self-enforced neutering of FileSonic and ( they quickly limited their file-sharing […]

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Is Google+ the Next Facebook? Maybe Not so Much….

The comic strip xkcd explains it best: the difference between Google+ and v …is.. well? There are a few differences to note: while G+ integrates well with other Google products, it’s a bit more tedious to cross post to and from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also, if you use […]

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How to Get a Handle on Your Social Media Mentions Search!

Like most of you, we have set up Google and Yahoo alerts to track mentions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, microblogs, news outlets, etc. However, like many of us, we are probably not tracking every single mention out there. Here is where these social-media search sites come to the rescue. We have been using Social Mention […]

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It Really *IS* All About Me, Mine and Me

Flipping through the latest issue of Time magazine (March 30, 2009), I stopped at a page that read in a nice, thick, satisfying, sans-serify font: ‘mine. My Magazine. My Way.” I took the path offered to and signed up to receive what was being promised as a “publication made just for (me)”.  Clicking through […]

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Google, It’s Difficult to *NOT* Love You.

I’ve tried keeping an analytical, objective, detached attitude towards Google. After all, it is a multi-gazillion-dollar-a-year company that may very well put my privacy at risk on the ‘net some day. However, as a user & admited lover of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Poodle, etc. – I hate to admit that the new […]

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Great Typography May Not Win You The Election

I’m not alone in noting that Barack Obama’s campaign is showing one of the most sophisticated uses of typography during an election year in recent memory. Consistency in the elegant use of the Gotham typeface and the distinctive graphical elements that carry through from print to web to television are a graphic designer’s dream come […]

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Tylenol Shown to CAUSE Headaches … “We’re sorry, but we do not support your browser.”

Having been given doctors orders to use the Oral Suspension version of Tylenol (bascially bubble-gum flavored goop Children’s tylenol), I headed over to the McNeill site to check out some product info. I’m a happy customer visiting the site on my new Mac running OS 10.4.11 and Firefox … so, NOT quite an antiquated […]

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The Buzz: Create Your OWN Social Network

I recently joined the University Webmasters Social Network ( on NING. The flexibility that Ning, and similar (what I call) “SockNet” sites has big and positive implications for smaller Universities in particular. One-stop centralized do-it-yourself solutions like these can be leveraged in a variety of ways to bring University communities closer together: faculty and students […]

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