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Pluralsight stories, Cassi’s story

(Link to original source: Cassi King UX Developer See why Cassi can’t live without Pluralsight After losing her job as a front-end developer, Cassi relied on Pluralsight to boost her resume while she searched for a better job. She spent several weeks learning new skills, often while training for races on her exercise bike, […]

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Google, It’s Difficult to *NOT* Love You.

I’ve tried keeping an analytical, objective, detached attitude towards Google. After all, it is a multi-gazillion-dollar-a-year company that may very well put my privacy at risk on the ‘net some day. However, as a user & admited lover of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Poodle, etc. – I hate to admit that the new […]

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iThis. MyThis. Th.s. Stupid Web 2-point-Oh Tricks.

iPod. iMac. iPhone. iGadget. You can even create your very own iName. mySpace. myAOL. myMSN. myWebspace. myWay. What is going on? We give an extra vowel (iVillage), then we take away another … flickr. or, even combine both the give and the take –> iStalkr. and what’s with the extra ‘o’? hoooka? zooomr? my, […]

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