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Nostalgic Moves at Facebook: Students-Only .edu Groups For Universities

Back in December TechCrunch reported that Brown and Vanderbilt are testing new features for users with authenticated .edu email addresses to create groups for students at their universities. Facebook is considering rolling it out to other universities so that students can create groups for dorms, classes, clubs, parties, and other entities. Only students who have […]

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One Law Professor Creates a Teachable Moment out of the Web Blackout of January 18, 2012

Yesterday, Junuary 18, 2012, thousands of websites perticipated in a virtual anti-SOPA/PIPA sit-in: Google, Reddit, Wired, Craigslist, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mozilla,, and O’Reilly to name a few. Widener University School of Law’s Professor Tonya Evans joined the list of internet sites and created a teachable moment for her students: She explains: We’re doing a law […]

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Is Google+ the Next Facebook? Maybe Not so Much….

The comic strip xkcd explains it best: the difference between Google+ and v …is.. well? There are a few differences to note: while G+ integrates well with other Google products, it’s a bit more tedious to cross post to and from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also, if you use […]

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WordPress MU, Muah!!

WordPress MU has become an indispensable tool for  building out vanity and other stand alone sites outside of the established .NET/ASP Content Management System (CMS) used for our main site. I have been able to implement   a variety of sites, from simple to complex, thanks, in part, to the availablity of free plug-ins that […]

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One Laptop Per Child Project Continues to Inspire

This project that offers laptops, the XO, to the underdeveloped countries of the world is truly astounding on both a humanitarian and a technological level. A surprisingly well-written and insightful review by a 12-year old appeared in August of this year. How It CONNECTS This box connects wirelessly to the ‘net and other XO users […]

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EDU Web Conference: Lindsay and Britney Out of Rehab, Seen Partying in Baltimore!

Okay, not really Lindsay and Britney…. Microformats actually. But, now that I have your attention: I want to take the opportunity to mention some very cool and unique people I met and conversations I had of note while at the eduWeb Conference. First, i got to meet an ellusive uwebd-list guru: Jay Collier,  web comm. […]

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