I’m In MimoLove

I’m In MimoLove

mimobots I’ve discovered Dino Alberto (discover Alberto’s art) and I am loving it! Just as tasty, I’ve also discovered mimobots and vimbots.

I happily stumbled upon Alberto and Mimobots in a roundabout way: i was looking for USB flash drives, and I hit the mimobot site. WOW! This is so cool! … I am absolutely enthralled and obsessesed with mimobots and vimbots.

Alberto is one of the many artists designing designer USB Flash Drives for mimoco. With names like: Gigglebyte, Galacula, Rasta Domo,Giggles & Flippy (gory) and…CHEWBACCA, how could i resist. I have a feeling that Santa is bringing lots of USB drives this Navidad!

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