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Very excited about learning my way around Drupal! Started playing around with PHP, installed Drupal on the server using the cPanel, and went to town installing a whole bunch of modules. I’ve slowly started migrating the flat-footed flat-filed static-cling tristatevelo.com site into a home-grown content management system personalized for the team. I have not been this excited about a project in a very long time. The possibilities are endless! Multiple content contributors, photo resizing and uploading, calendaring …

Fantastico What’s very nice is that everything is managed via the cPanel. Fantastico is just one of the many tools available – a very intutitive install tool that is accessed via the cPanel: it’s an autoinstaller for cPanel servers. Ok, and the blue smiley logo is super-cute. I find the cPanel interface so much easier and intutitive to use than the one Dreamhost offers. I’m playing with Drupal on a www.newms.net server. I highly recommend them. Great service.

You can actually take cPanel for a testdrive on the cPanel site.


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