Pluralsight stories, Cassi’s story

Pluralsight stories, Cassi’s story

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Cassi King

UX Developer
See why Cassi can’t live without Pluralsight

After losing her job as a front-end developer, Cassi relied on Pluralsight to boost her resume while she searched for a better job. She spent several weeks learning new skills, often while training for races on her exercise bike, and landed a new job as a web developer with a Rails shop in Philadelphia.

Cassi’s Story

Losing my job came as a complete shock. During my job search, I wanted to make sure I was preparing for the best job possible by maintaining and improving my skills.

Having lost a steady paycheck, I reached out to Pluralsight. I had already tested other online video training sites using trial accounts, but I found them lacking in breadth and depth of content as well as engagement. The Pluralsight courses I used during my free trial really impressed me. The authors narrated clearly and explained everything in detail.

Once I was signed up, I was logged on non-stop! I consumed every video I could. I ate my lunch there in front of the computer and coded during breaks. I even watched videos while training on my exercise bike. I know that sounds super nerdy, but Pluralsight videos are the best training videos I’ve watched. In eight weeks, I landed a new job. I wouldn’t say that Pluralsight gave me the job, but it gave me the skills that qualified me for it. Pluralsight completed the loop for me.
What do you love most about Pluralsight?

The course authors are really good. Not all developers are good teachers, but I feel like 90 percent of the authors on Pluralsight are both superb developers and teachers.

Pluralsight has courses on everything. I’ve watched classes on mobile app development, Git, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and others.

The offline access is really valuable. I travel a lot more now to visit my parents, and I can power up my laptop, download the videos, and watch the courses as I travel.

What will be the next chapter in your career?

I’m passionate about getting more women involved in coding and teaching kids to code.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a big push to bring women into technology. The fact that STEM jobs tend to be male dominated keeps many women out of tech. We need to change that.

I’m involved with codedbykids to get kids involved in programming. We are a volunteer non-profit organization. We host 7-11 year old kids at a community center, where we teach them how to use browsers, PHP and more. Doing this equips them with new skills, and I believe this sort of training needs to be fed to kids at the grade school level.

None of us make it as developers on our own. We need to remember that we all had help along the way. It’s our duty to pay it forward, to help the next generation gain the skills they need to be successful in the new tech economy. I think Pluralsight is an important part of that equation.

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