“Dot Net”, here I come!

“Dot Net”, here I come!

I’m still in disbelief: I was in the office 21 days straight. That is NOT an exaggeration, and I am sometimes prone to exaggerating ( I think that is part of my Latina DNA). Seriously: 21 days in a row, 10 to 11 hour days. I look back and I had no idea I had that sort of stamina in me.

Looking back, it was the culmination of a huge web migration project. The Law School recently moved from static html pages to a CMS environment (Sitecore CMS, a .NET product). As is to be expected, not everything works like a charm right out of the box, so there was a fair amount of frustration and a log of “doing things twice” action.

The migration into a CMS enviroment is a nice challenge since I am now rolling up my sleeves and dipping them into an XSLT and .Net environment. I’m really looking forward to the challenge; I’m especially looking forward, however, to the nice Christmas vacation (yes, how subversive of me: I actually celebrate ‘Felices Pascuas, Feliz Navidad’) … back home in the Caribbean.

Wish I could take a 21-day vacation lazying the days away in sun and sand; I’ll happily settle for 10 days of being mom and dad’s adult ‘baby’.

Ay si! Que rico!

Feliz Navidad, Prospero Ano Nuevo y Feliz Dia de Reyes, compai!


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