Drop it Like it’s Drupal!

Drop it Like it’s Drupal!

picture-2.pngOk, Drupal is Sexy and it’s Hot! I just spent two days at the Higher Education Web Symposium 2008 hosted by UPenn Medicine. First, the UPenn staff did an amazing job. Kudos to UPenn and in particular Ben Adams, the choreographer of the event!

I was lucky enough to meet Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, a Drupal Evangelist – a bit like the Snoop Dog of the Drupal world – cool dude, cool hat, cool framework. Having just migrated my tristatevelo.com site into Drupal, I was very eager to hear what Alex and his drupal-evangelist colleague, Jody Hamilton, had to share with the audience. I learned that Drupal 7.x is the real Killah App! I built the tristatevelo site on Drupal 5.x, need to wait a bit for all the modules to move up a version so that I can move everything to Drupe 6.x. I’ts really quite an exciting platform – I was able to build a site fully content managed by non-techy users and a social networking site…all that pretty much out-of-the box. The challenge in Drupal is getting really, really good at flexing the muscle of the CCK and the Views modules.

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