Having been given doctors orders to use the Oral Suspension version of Tylenol (bascially bubble-gum flavored goop Children’s tylenol), I headed over to the McNeill site to check out some product info. I’m a happy customer visiting the site on my new Mac running OS 10.4.11 and Firefox … so, NOT quite an antiquated browsing setup … With the promise of unsupported.pnghitting the jackpot with lots of discount coupons, I take the bait, click through and fill out the “Get Tylenol Coupons” form. Upon submitting I land on this page (screenshot to the LEFT).

I’m then asked to click through again to a different form so that they can Snail Mail me the Coupon: upon landing on that page I fill out another form and submit. Another “elegant” feature noted on the McNeill Tylenol site … An antiquated favicon …hmm the Netscape logo icon. Boy, didn’t netscape, like, die a long, long time ago?


Browser lock-out did not make me feel welcome. The McNeill site should not purposefully prevent me from entering, engaging or submitting. The web is meant to be universal, inclusive, device-independent, disability-blind and HUGE pharmaceutical corporation$ catering to a worldwide customer base should abide by web standards to make their sites universally accessible.

Gosh, I know I’m going to show my age here, but, the experience I had on the McNeill site really brought back memories of 1999 when browser lock-out was the standard (Flashback moment: “You need Internet Explorer 5.0 to view this site…” Augh!)

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