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EDU Web Conference: Lindsay and Britney Out of Rehab, Seen Partying in Baltimore!

Okay, not really Lindsay and Britney…. Microformats actually. But, now that I have your attention: I want to take the opportunity to mention some very cool and unique people I met and conversations I had of note while at the eduWeb Conference. First, i got to meet an ellusive uwebd-list guru: Jay Collier,  web comm. […]

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Widener 2006 End-of-year recap Movie

At the end of every fiscal year, the University administrators go on ‘retreat’ to share their end-of year insights and feedback (both good and bad). As part of this get-together, each Administrator is charged with giving a short 3-5 minute presentation on insights about the apst year and plans/hopes/ambitions for the coming year. With few […]

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