Becca Purple #663399: A Child Passes Away…A Color is Born.


Becca Purple #663399: A Child Passes Away…A Color is Born.


On Saturday, the 21st of June, 2014 Rebecca Purple, hexadecimally 663399, was added to the CSS Color Level 4. Apple, Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft have already announced plans to implement the color in a coming update.

On the web, there are 140 named colors, 17 standard and 123 more, denoted by name and hexadecimal value. The colors are supported by all web browsers.

In the hours following 6-year-old Rebecca Meyer’s heartbreaking death on her sixth birthday, there was a push in the CSS world to add a 141st color — RebeccaPurple. “She was six years, eleven and a half hours old,” tweeted her father, Eric Meyer  on June 7.

Soon after her untimely passing, many changed their twitter avatars to Becca purple as a triubute.

In memoriams and tributes to Becca:

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