iPhone for the Ubuntu Crowd

iPhone for the Ubuntu Crowd

Open Moko This Open Moko Neo 1973 Linux handset is probably what the iPhone SHOULD be: a gadget to freely tweak and customize. the Open Moko software is in very early ‘pre-alpha’. It’s about the size of a Treo 700, with a significantly longer screen ( not wider) VGA display supports 640 x 480 (better than the iPhone). The open source revolution has reached mobile computing. This will only make the competition prairie-dog up and take note.

What excites me about this is that innovative projects like the 1973 gets developers excited to start poking around, developing widgets and apps to accomplish alot from a pocket-held gadget.

The next version of Neo appears in October 2007, but rumors make it sound more like early 2008. Whatever the due date, this will be worth waiting for.

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