Month: September 2007

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iThis. MyThis. Th.s. Stupid Web 2-point-Oh Tricks.

iPod. iMac. iPhone. iGadget. You can even create your very own iName. mySpace. myAOL. myMSN. myWebspace. myWay. What is going on? We give an extra vowel (iVillage), then we take away another … flickr. or, even combine both the give and the take –> iStalkr. and what’s with the extra ‘o’? hoooka? zooomr? my, […]


E-Paper: Photonic Crystals = Flexible Displays.

Toronto: that’s not the first city you would think of when discussing E-paper, but this city is leading the way in the use of photonic crystals for improved flexible device displays: (From Crystal light: Photonic crystals made out of silica beads (shown as gray balls) measuring 200 nanometers across are embedded in a spongy […]

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