Fun With Keyla and iMovie

Fun With Keyla and iMovie
Let me tell you what is SO special about this little iMovie: a. The video was taken by my ‘little sister’ Keyla, 11 years old, one of my favorite people. b. The soundtrack (song) is Keyla singing. (the next American Idol) c. The action is Keyla and gang in NYC having loads of fun

Drupal Rules!

Very excited about learning my way around Drupal! Started playing around with PHP, installed Drupal on the server using the cPanel, and went to town installing a whole bunch of modules. I’ve slowly started migrating the flat-footed flat-filed static-cling site into a home-grown content management system personalized for the team. I have not been ...

WordPress Virgin No More!

Gosh. It’s been feeling like I’m the last kid on the block to start playing around with all the open source goodies out there. WordPress: I have arrived at your door! I really want to start creating my own themes. I also want to play around with Drupal since I’ve been told by friends in ...