The Cleanup at YouTube Continues

The Cleanup at YouTube Continues

youtube_logoYouTube Staff reported on the YouTube Creator blog that the video site would be stepping up their efforts to ensure that subscriber counts are as fair and accurate as possible.  To this end, they will be removing inactive and closed accounts.

UPDATE (1/11/12):

We will be holding off on the single day adjustment (the January 12th date is being postponed) until we can address some discrepancies we found in synchronizing the public counts with YouTube Analytics. Everyone involved in this project is determined to ensure that this change is clearly understood by users, so we will postpone the single day adjustment until we can ensure that both the public count and YouTube Analytics data are consistent and unambiguous. We will let everyone know once we have a firm date in mind. However, the enhanced techniques for despamming new subscriptions will be implemented as scheduled (tomorrow), as there are no such complications. We will continue to keep everyone up to date on how this develops.

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