Fun With Keyla and iMovie

Fun With Keyla and iMovie
Let me tell you what is SO special about this little iMovie: a. The video was taken by my ‘little sister’ Keyla, 11 years old, one of my favorite people. b. The soundtrack (song) is Keyla singing. (the next American Idol) c. The action is Keyla and gang in NYC having loads of fun

Widener 2006 End-of-year recap Movie

At the end of every fiscal year, the University administrators go on ‘retreat’ to share their end-of year insights and feedback (both good and bad). As part of this get-together, each Administrator is charged with giving a short 3-5 minute presentation on insights about the apst year and plans/hopes/ambitions for the coming year. With few ...

Guardian Angels Poetry Slamfest 2007

Put up a short movie simply assembled in iMovie using photo stills and music to showcase on the Philly Guardian Angels site.I’ve seen the possibilities in video editing. I’ve been using a very, VERY simple setup: Flip Video camera (it stores all the data on a flash card), USB connection to my Mac or PC, ...