Why Working While Hungry is Not Worthwhile

Why Working While Hungry is Not Worthwhile
SKITTLES! YAY! WOOO! Obviously, I’m hungry. Sheesh. Total disconnect. This has nothing to do with anything. In trying to come up with some creative ideas at work, I was only able to come up with ‘skittles’. Maybe something will come out of it, for now… I think I’m heading to the vending machine … < ...

Fun With Orbs and Flash

[SWF] http://www.cassandraking.net/flash/blueorb.swf, 400, 300[/SWF]

Web 0.1 – Before the Web was Won

Web 0.1 - Before the Web was Won
This is so amusing: in the fall of 1985, Technology Review published “The Inevitable March of Videotex” a service that would allow users to buy a ‘decoder’ that translated data from a central computer for retrieval. Early echoes of what the internet is today. Get your Viewtron on! Read the full story over at Technology ...

Krusty O’s cereal, Buzz Cola & Blue Vanilla Squishees – WooHoo!

Krusty O's cereal,  Buzz Cola  & Blue Vanilla Squishees - WooHoo!
7-11’s are getting a Kiwk-E makover. I cannot wait! You can actually also be ‘drawn’ into a Simpons episode – buy sandwich or slurpee with game code and enter online. Cawabunga! Kewel! E-online has the scoop. Thank you. Come again.

Fun With Circles and Flash

[SWF] http://www.cassandraking.net/flash/bluecircle.swf, 400, 300[/SWF]

Fun With Keyla and iMovie

Fun With Keyla and iMovie
Let me tell you what is SO special about this little iMovie: a. The video was taken by my ‘little sister’ Keyla, 11 years old, one of my favorite people. b. The soundtrack (song) is Keyla singing. (the next American Idol) c. The action is Keyla and gang in NYC having loads of fun

504 Teraflops. T-E-R-A-F-L-O-P-S (!!!) Hmm. Is that Faster Than a 56k modem?

<computer_envy> According to Wired News, this new supercomputer will be able to complete 504 trillion calculations per second — or 504 teraflops, in supercomputing terminology. That easily out-flops the Lawrence Livermore’s National Laboratory’s BlueGene/L, which runs at 327 teraflops. </computer_envy> So, now, I’m not only left yearning for an iPhone. I’m left yearning for more ...

I Just Got Free Tuition at M.I.T.

… ahem. Ok, let me clarify: I’m a virtual student over at ocw.mit.edu. The OpenCourseWare site at M.I.T. gives me access to over 4,000 free online courses. For some reason, I’m hooked on the Psych. lectures in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences area. I listened to all of Intro to Psych 2004. Prof. Jeremy Wolfe ...

JQuery From a Designer’s Point of View

Having recently discovered JQuery while implementing Thickbox3 on this site I can honestly tell you that, as a web designer, I no longer feel like the kid who’s been picked last to play kickball. The power that this library brings to someone like me is, technically speaking: SO COOL! You can see a test of ...

Widener 2006 End-of-year recap Movie

At the end of every fiscal year, the University administrators go on ‘retreat’ to share their end-of year insights and feedback (both good and bad). As part of this get-together, each Administrator is charged with giving a short 3-5 minute presentation on insights about the apst year and plans/hopes/ambitions for the coming year. With few ...